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Code of Conduct

In addition to good baseball fundamentals, we try to instill in our kids a good work ethic and the concept of teamwork. We stress the importance of good sportsmanship, friendship, respect for umpires and league officials as well as opposing teams and their own teammates. We do this by trying to create an atmosphere where the adults and kids can have fun at all levels of talent and ability.

What We Expect from Players

To be on time for all practices and games

To always do their best, whether in the field or on the bench

To be cooperative at all times and share team duties

To respect not only others, but themselves as well

To be positive with teammates at all times

To not become upset at their own mistakes or those of others

To understand that winning is only important if you can accept losing

What We Expect from Family and Friends

To come out and enjoy the games

To cheer to make all players feel important

To let the coaches run the team

To not question the coach’s leadership (All coaches are volunteers)

Do not shout at the coach, the players or umpires

No alcohol, tobacco or drug use

What You Can Expect from Your Coach

To be on time for all practices and games

To do our best to teach the fundamentals of the game

To be positive and respect each child as an individual

To set reasonable expectations for each child and for the season

To teach the players the value of winning and losing

To be open to ideas, suggestions or help from others

To never shout at any member of the team, the opposing team, or umpires.

To handle confrontation in a respectful, quiet and individual manner

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